Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Just Want to Testify

I went to Michigan this past weekend to visit our kids there, but also to hear our daughter, Leah, preach the Sunday morning message at Church of the King. More on that later...

Saturday night, we watched the NCAA semi-final game between Michigan State and UConn. It was a good game, especially because the 'home' team (i.e., Brad & Leah's 'home') won. In the last minute of the game, Michigan State sunk a free throw to put them up by 7 points with about 45 seconds left on the clock. Brad excitedly said, 'that's the game'! But me, ever the 'cautious' one, said 'there's still a lot of time left'... I didn't want to be too optimistic, and then disappointed, if the tide suddenly turned and the Spartans lost -- remembering times this has indeed happened in these kind of high-adrenaline games.

Brad, ever the 'wise' one, tolerated my comment, but smiled, fully confident of the outcome even then.

I bring this up because this morning, my husband (also very wise) encouraged me to read a chapter in a book he's been reading, Strengthen Yourself In The Lord, by Bill Johnson. The chapter is titled Keeping the Testimony -- Testimonies of God connect generations to His promises. Johnson reminds us that
"The testimonies of God are the tools that equip us to walk in our purpose to demonstrate what He is like through the miraculous... The Hebrew root word for "testimony" means "do again." Every record of what God has done in generations past is a promise of what He will do again in our lives, because He is the same yesterday, today and forever, and He is no respecter of persons (Heb. 13:8)."
That's why God instructs His people to build altars of remembrance, to set our hope in God by remembering what He has already done in our lives to deliver, help, save, encourage, and heal us. And to know He can/will do it again. When the people didn't remember God's Words and His Works, they lost their battle, even though they were armed and dangerous. (Ps. 78: 9-11)

This is all very significant to me because I am in a 'place' right now where I need to remind myself of God's character, His nature and His promises. My mind is too prone to focus on disappointments and fears, and that drags me down. So today, I purpose to do better, and to go into my battles armed with the testimonies of God's goodness, mercy and kindness to me and my family.

Which brings me to my final testimony... This weekend, I watched our daughter, Leah, preach. She delivered a word of Truth and power, and I was so proud, yet so humbled. In the same service, I listened to our daughter, Samantha, sing words of Truth and power, and her singing gave me chills up and down my spine. And later that day, I spoke with our daughter, Ashley, who was fulfilling a mission of global importance, and I was yet again proud, and humbled.

Proud that they are our kids... and humbled by remembering and witnessing the fruit of what God has fashioned. They are His Testimonies.

Leah's message completed the sermon series, Remember, at Church of the King. They are all well worth a listen here, and they are testimonies well worth remembering.

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