Monday, October 5, 2009

Here We Go!!

I was verrry sleeeeeepy this morning when it was time to get up... but it was well worth it! We got to bed very late last night, ... well, early this morning... because we were at the Steeler game last night, and stayed to the exciting finish!

Bruce and I were the delighted beneficiaries of our daughter and son-in-law, who drove here from D.C. and treated us to the football game!! I've never been to Heinz field and I was so excited to be a part of the electric atmosphere of thousands of people, all dressed in black and gold, anticipating an evening of great football. We weren't disappointed! It was a great game, we had wonderful seats, and, the Steelers won!

I was especially thrilled to spend the time with Ash & Nate, who are die-hard fans, and who blessed us by taking us along! We joined some other friends at a tail-gate before the game, and then spent about an hour roaming the Great Hall and taking in all of the Steeler memorabilia.

Because it was an 8:20 PM kick-off, we didn't get home till well after midnight (and we all had to work today ;-/), but loved every minute of it!