Monday, August 10, 2009

Our American Idol

Our family has been a big fan of Disney World for a long time... Bruce & I went there for our honeymoon many years ago, and have returned many times over the years with our girls. The live shows at all 4 theme parks have always been high on our list of favorites because of the top quality Disney always aspires to in their productions.

Our talented and musically gifted daughters would often day-dream about performing on those Disney stages, being a part of a top-notch musical production. And, this weekend, Samantha actually did!

Disney's Hollywood Studio theme park has a new stellar attraction, the American Idol Experience. In keeping with their commitment to quality, Disney incorporates fun with fantastic, and re-creates the American Idol TV show, complete with a series of auditions and studio competitions, and a grand finale show. Three judges from the music industry critique the performers, and the audience votes for their American Idol.

Samantha was among about one hundred+ people who auditioned at the Disney Hollywood Studio park early on Saturday morning, and was cast to perform in an afternoon show. Backstage, they did her hair and make-up, and gave her 10 minutes with a professional vocal coach.

She performed the song Reflection, and was chosen by the audience as the winner of that round, and went on to perform in the finale. I know that I'm her mom, but I gotta tell you that she was awesome! And, I wasn't the only one to say so... the judges gave her raving accolades, -- even the one who had the role of sarcastic 'Simon'.

All of this was incredibly fun and soul-stirring, and was topped off Saturday evening at the Grand Finale (where all the winners performed) with Sam winning the whole shebang! Every performer was talented and wonderful, and the studio audience of a thousand people plus a group watching remotely outside the theatre created an electrified atmosphere!

Samantha got a standing ovation, and a 'golden ticket' for an audition for next season's American Idol TV show. It was lots of fun to watch 'fans' come up to her after her shows, asking for her autograph, calling out encouragement and congratulations (not just Bruce & me, either!), mothers asking her to pose with their incredibly cute babies...

We were allowed to take pictures, but not videos, due to copyrights, etc. Some of the pictures I've posted here, but if you want to hear her sing, ... maybe that 'golden ticket' will land her a spot on the TV version of the American Idol experience!