Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Psalty's Birthday Surprise

I KNOW I can't be old enough to have a 30 year old child... OK, so I am, and I do... it's not about me...

We were thrilled to be able to attend the birthday party Brad had for Leah on Sunday to celebrate her 30 years. Brad went to great lengths to delight Leah -- He knows she loves surprises, and so he arranged to have a number of surprise guests arrive (us, included). Not the least of which was Psalty, the Singing Song Book, which was a flash from her past.

Now the mommy of an infant, Leah regularly sings songs from her childhood to her baby girl, many from the Kids Praise series she loved. So, Brad bought her a CD of one of her long, lost favorites, AND he dressed up as Psalty and made a fun... and funny... guest appearance! 'Psalty' worked the crowd, read Leah a poignant and humorous 'futuristic' letter from her daughter, and he had Ashley & Nate join us via video.

Psalty's arrival was preceded by a Psalty sing-a-long led by Samantha, and surprisingly enough, all the adults present whole-heartedly joined in the singing (even the hand-motions).

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